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As a third-party logistics provider, InLog, Inc. provides effective logistics solutions to manufacturing companies and small businesses that help streamline the supply chain process. With our driving support services, you can make your daily business operations run more smoothly and efficiently.

InLog, Inc

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Green Delivery System

We have created a path to a completely "green" delivery system. We have replaced our diesel Isuzu trucks with a brand-new CNG Isuzu box trucks. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is the leader in alternative fuels. If you have any questions about this type of fuel, feel free to contact us. CNG is processed in the United States and helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil. CNG also has a rate of zero emissions.

Discounted Dedicated Driver

We will take small companies in your area that need deliveries made on the same route. We will give you a varying discount based on the type of package and amount you let us place on your truck.

White Box Truck



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